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FRACA* (Folk, Roots and Acoustic: Chapel Allerton) is a club for a community of folk(ish) musicians, and artists from around Leeds and Yorkshire.

Lots more fun on our Facebook Page

If you missed our last fantastic FRACA* night on
Sunday 9th July, join us for our next one on
Sunday 13th August - more details on the FRACA* Facebook page



The 'Management' would like a jam next Friday - July 14 - in fact they're looking forward to it!

So: Polish Center Bar open from about 7pm: music from about 8pm. 
Come and sink a few whilst enjoying the 'craic' or whatever the Polish for that is!

The Polish Centre can be found at Newton Hill Road, Leeds LS7 4JE for satnav dependents!

If you prefer to checkout the Fraca MGT group go to 
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1752920374943369/ and ask to join the group!

 See ya!

Moose 😛

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